Monthly Archives: August 2014

Persistent Malware

Malware is a malicious file stored on an infected computer system in order to damage the system or steal sensitive data from it or perform other malicious activities. Security researchers have uncovered a new and sophisticated piece of malware that infects systems and steals data without installing any file onto the targeted system.

Researchers dubbed this persistent malware as Poweliks, which resides in the computer registry only and is therefore not easily detectable as other typical malware that installs files on the affected system which can be scanned by antivirus or anti-malware Software.


Smog Check II

We teamed up with two of our Partners (Informatix and GoCrusade) to perform security testing on the new Smog check program. The new system will be nice for all cars with an ODBII port, the tailpipe sniffer is gone. The new testing involves reading and transmitting ODBII information only.

Bayside Church

Bayside is building a new North Campus Church.  We are doing the network design and implementation for a converged network of voice, video and data.  Live streaming of services will be broadcasted between locations.

Ethical Hacking Class

Our lead security consultant will be teaching “Ethical Hacking” at Sacramento City College in the Fall of 2014.

Past Courses Taught

  • CISS 300 Introduction to Network Security
  • CISS 301 Ethical Hacking
  • CISS 330 Implementing Internet Security and Firewalls
  • CISS 350 Disaster Recovery
  • CISN 303 Network Administration – Linux Server
  • CISN 308 Internetworking with TCP/IP

We have been busy this summer helping our client relocate the University from Rancho Cordova to Elk Grove.  We did the network design and installation using lots of new and cool technologies.  This is a state of the art school where Students come first.