Password Security

There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by where I’m not reading about a hacker stealing online account information.  Are you using the same password for the majority of your online accounts?  If so, you stand a good chance of becoming a victim.  An easy solution is to use a password manager so you can have unique passwords for each of your online accounts.  The password manager will keep track of all of your passwords in an encrypted file.  I just started using Dashlane because it had great reviews and you can’t beat the price – free.  What are you waiting for? Download it and start using hardened and unique passwords for each of your online accounts.  If one of your online accounts is hacked, Dashlane will notify you and advise you to change your password.  Sweet!

Home Depot Credit Card Breach

Its sad that the Home Depot credit card breach could have been preventable if proper security measures were taken.  The cost to secure Home Depot would have been much less than the costs it now faces in both monetary terms and its reputation.  Don’t delay in having your networks and systems tested for vulnerabilities.

Persistent Malware

Malware is a malicious file stored on an infected computer system in order to damage the system or steal sensitive data from it or perform other malicious activities. Security researchers have uncovered a new and sophisticated piece of malware that infects systems and steals data without installing any file onto the targeted system.

Researchers dubbed this persistent malware as Poweliks, which resides in the computer registry only and is therefore not easily detectable as other typical malware that installs files on the affected system which can be scanned by antivirus or anti-malware Software.


Smog Check II

We teamed up with two of our Partners (Informatix and GoCrusade) to perform security testing on the new Smog check program. The new system will be nice for all cars with an ODBII port, the tailpipe sniffer is gone. The new testing involves reading and transmitting ODBII information only.

Bayside Church

Bayside is building a new North Campus Church.  We are doing the network design and implementation for a converged network of voice, video and data.  Live streaming of services will be broadcasted between locations.